Indoor Wicker Furniture for your life

Indoor Wicker Furniture for your life
posted 20 June 2017

Are you finding different looks of wicker furniture?  Indonesia is blessed with its tropical rainforests where many kinds of woods can grow well. Trying to make some innovations in furniture industry, we are innovatively producing furniture made of natural fibers. As we know, furniture is mostly dealt with wood. Nevertheless, natural fibers such as, water hyacinth, abaca, and banana leaf are not impossible to give you unique looks for your furniture. If you think that water hyacinth is such a wasteful plant, not with us. Our carpenters prefer making use of water hyacinth to make some sophisticating wicker furniture like living sets to wasting it. Sound interesting, isn’t it? Make your room projects have different taste with water hyacinth-based furniture.


Rattan also grows rapidly in some Indonesia’s islands. We process those stems to make comfortable indoor wicker furniture like arm chairs, stools, sofas, and tables. Thinking of an outdoor stools and armchairs? No worries! We make such an eye-catching armchair made up of rattan furniture made of kubu grey. It is such kind of special rattan that could be “weaved” for your outdoor wicker furniture. There is no doubt that Indonesia rattan has good quality to make furniture. Now, you found it easy how to decorate you room, cafe, hotel, or restaurant projects with Indonesia rattan furniture. Besides, be more stylish and fashionable with our rattan handbags and hats.  

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Natural Rattan has an extraordinary ability to hold the color, form and durability

Your house is a personal space you cherish. It is also haven with peace & clarity you desire. Therefore, how to select to decorate your house is a vital question that all has to face. Furniture plays a vital role in the way you lay out your house. Indonesia Natural rattan is complete of the loveliness of nature. Natural rattan furniture reflects our concepts of the beautiful life.
posted 28 November 2017

Help Environment - Go Green with Natural Rattan Furniture

Indonesia Rattan furniture is still one of the most famous resources for interior layout. Thru adaptability and sturdiness, Indonesia Rattan furniture provides alternatives and sophistication to houses throughout each continent. Poised at the front of this industry is Rattan Land furniture, a quality dependable employer in Indonesia that serves customers all over the world.
posted 23 August 2017

Indoor Wicker Furniture for your Life

Are you finding different looks of wicker furniture? Indonesia is blessed with its tropical rainforests where many kinds of woods can grow well. Trying to make some innovations in furniture industry,
posted 30 May 2017

Coastal Style Furniture

Coastal Style is home-styling inspired by the atmosphere of beach and blue ocean. Coastal Style is nowadays popular in Home D?cor and Furnishing. Basically, Coastal Style is not only suitable in coastal areas, but also could applied in any area.
posted 23 May 2017

Luxurious of Dining Set Furniture

Nowadays, Furniture has become an essential part of your house. Everything you do in your house, you will find furniture within it including dinner time.
posted 10 January 2017
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