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Bienvenidos to, we are big exporter and manufacturer of natural rattan furniture. We have a large of selection for high-end quality rattan furniture, kid’s furniture, seagrass furniture, water hyacinth furniture, abaca furniture, and home decor. As one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Indonesia, we are constantly improving our strategy to create the highest level of customer satisfaction.  We use high quality material, such as natural rattan and other natural fibers: water hyacinthseagrasskubu gray, banana leafabaca and croco. We have established since 1993 and continuously growing until this moment with more than 6 factories with different speciality. Due to a lot of experience we had, we can furnish hotel project, home project for wholesaler and also retailer from all around the world. WE’RE WELCOMING YOU to Indonesia furniture wholesale!

Every pieces of our rattan furniture from Indonesia wicker furniture and cane furniture combination of local natural materials, local Indonesia cultures with handmade of local Indonesia people. It will please you and your family with unique touch and atmosphere of natural rattan furniture. We produce all our items from natural rattan, water hyacinth, seagrass, kubu gray, banana leaf, abaca and croco one by one carefully by hand with all our heart from process making the frame, knitting natural weaving, making cushion and cutting glass. These that make our natural rattan furniture unique – only one and it is especially made for you. Find your suitest natural rattan items to meet your desire here.


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Experience the artistry of handmade furniture, tailored to your furniture stock needs. Our team of skilled craftsmen brings to life designs that blend beauty, functionality, and durability. Enhance your business offerings and impress your clients with our extraordinary creations.

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