Rattan Lazy Chair, Rattan Stool, Rattan Mirror, Rattan Bed, Miscellaneous, Rattan Bench

Miscellaneous – Home Decor will make you relax to lay on after you work all along day. With footrest and additional cushion that make you more comfort and charge your energy. We have many shape and design of rattan stool which multifunction. You can use as  stool, as side table, for extra seat when you have guests, and even as footrest. Make your living space with wide effect and spruce up with our various design of rattan mirror. Vintage model, bohemian style, sun shaped design, flower shape, eye shape, and etc are available. If you want natural touch in your bedroom, we provide some model and shape of rattan bed and wicker bed. And if you are looking for only rattan headboard, we have some beautiful design.

Rattan Home Decor Supplier

Miscellaneous means home decor and accessories from rattan and woven materials. Home decor collections are very important today to create a comfortable and cozy home. Our rattan home decor includes rattan headboards, rattan mirrors, wicker baskets, rattan recliner chairs, rattan stools, rattan benches, shoe racks and other rattan home accessories.

Rattan Furniture Manufacture

As a rattan furniture manufacture we are always committed to making high quality products. And we only use high quality material such natural rattan, water hyacinth, sea grass, abaca, kubu, and other natural fiber that recommended for furniture material. We welcome for retailer, wholesaler, project manager. We also do custom design if you have your own design and size.