Our New Wooden Furniture Factory

Wooden Furniture Factory

Wooden Furniture Factory – After several years of producing rattan furniture, we now announce that we have good news for furniture wholesalers and furniture retailers. We have a new production line, namely a new furniture factory using machine technology.

If all this time we partnered with local craftsmen to make rattan furniture, now we have furniture that is made by machines in the factory. By using machines of course to process the various pieces of furniture we order. Starting from chairs, tables, stools, sofas, cupboards and various other furniture.

Reasons for using a manufacturing system in our wooden furniture factory

Motivated by demands to meet the needs of export markets in various countries, we as a furniture factory are often faced with several recurring problems. For example, inefficient stock management, production imbalances, as well as several technical obstacles in the production line, high production costs, and several other problems.

As factory owners, of course we are expected to find solutions to the problems mentioned above. Apart from that, the right solution can help us focus solely on increasing production and ensuring business continuity.

Benefits of manufacturing systems

Apart from that, we are aware of several benefits of using machines in producing furniture to meet the high demand from our wholesaler buyers. Below we look at some of the benefits:

Increase the efficiency of furniture production

By using a manufacturing system, of course the production process becomes more efficient and well organized. We can reduce our production lead time. Apart from that, we can also optimize the use of raw materials. This of course can reduce production costs and can reduce product selling prices.

Ensure consistency of furniture products

The manufacturing system certainly makes it possible to achieve consistency in furniture products. This is because the production process is carried out regularly and consistently. Consistency of furniture products plays an important role in sales, because consumers of course look for products with the same quality every time they buy.

Optimize product quality

By using a manufacturing system, of course this can improve product quality. This can be done by ensuring the production process is carried out correctly and uses high quality raw materials. We also of course carry out testing on the quality of our products to ensure the products produced meet the established standards.

Increase production capacity

Having a manufacturing system of course allows us to increase production capacity. This can increase production efficiency, reduce waste, and use advanced technology. By increasing production capacity, of course we can meet high market demand and expand the furniture export market network. For this reason, we invite wholesalers from various countries to collaborate with us.

Currently we have made wholesale orders for furniture from several of our buyers who have a wide network in various European countries. If you are looking for a wooden furniture factory that can produce in large quantities, and in a short time, you have come to the right place. Apart from that, the prices we offer are of course more affordable. With a minimum order of 1×20 feet, you can mix various products into containers. We can also make it with a knock down system. Contact us immediately to get an attractive offer from us.