Animal Rocker

Rattan animal rockers is a sturdy rattan frame and rattan woven in gender-neutral colors that complement any nursery. This animal rocker horse is the best choice for children to have fun both indoors and outdoors. While the child is having fun riding, at the same time, the process can strengthen his/her maneuverability skills and physical strengths as well as creative imaginative. This quality animal rocking toy is recommended for children age 3-6 years old, while providing a fun experience for older kids as well. The simple mechanics of this horse make it enjoyable and appealing to children.

Rattan Furniture Manufacture

Conveying as eco friendly furniture, Indonesia rattan is the leading company of rattan furniture and natural fiber materials products. We use water hyacinth, sea grassbanana leafabaca and croco for furniture materials. We have thousand collections of living set, dining set, bed set, and animal rocker for kids as we always eager creating design. Here, we also welcome with custom design. We are to invite importer, wholesaler, retailer, project manager or even personal user to complete your furniture products by Natural Rattan Furniture.