Rattan Furniture : Clean Up!

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Beautiful always identical with clean. This is my personal statement that clean is beautiful but beautiful it does not mean clean. Let’s take one example, if you see one decorative lamps covers by dust and spot everywhere even though actually that lamp is beautiful. Can you see the beautiful side on it…? Correct the answer is NO. Otherwise, if the decorative lamp is ordinary but it’s clean and put into the right place that would be awesome. So, which one do you prefer…?

Here, we would like to conical our discussing on the term of clean up our home furniture especially rattan furniture. As we know that rattan or other natural fiber furniture like water hyacinth, abaca or sea grass have uneven surface. Gap between the weaving usually looks dirty because of dust and other thing.

Caring and maintaining your beautiful rattan furniture is important not only to get a good looking but also to keep your home health. Daily caring is so simple you just need dry cloths to wipe all the part of your sofa rattan or table. However, if you have vacuum cleaner that can be use to take up the dust perfectly. For the cushion, you can take up the cloths and wash it. However, if you require something new change the cover cushions with different color are prefer.

If you see the color of your rattan furniture need a retouch, you can use saline solution and brush to clean it. Prepare warm water with salt, use brush to clean all the part and don’t forget to brush the weaving part so that its looks clean perfectly.

When you see there is mold or mildew on your natural fiber furniture because of the wet temperature. You can clean it and wash it using bleach and follow below step.

–       Clean the all part of your furniture with vacuum cleaner

–       Use brush to clean the mold and mildew. Keep on brush it until the mold is gone

–       Wash with bleach solution but don’t use too much water. Put the bleach solution in pail and use brush to clean it and rinse with water

–       Dry in the shade

Above cleaning method is better do once in a year. For maximal result, clean it in the clear weather.