Rattan Furniture for your Home Decor

Beverly Rattan Living Set

Most of 70% the world’s rattan population exists in Indonesia. Familiar with this plant and its characteristic, people start to explore it. Rattan plant is shock and creativity makes it special. It is special as rattan is only a plant shapes like a sugar cane tree and look nothing special. However, it becomes a big value when you saw it in pieces of furniture. Different with other materials rattan presented in the form of woven, as well water hyacinth, seagrass, banana leaf or abaca.

What makes rattan furniture special is about the woven flexibility. The flexibility of rattan makes unlimited design and size so it will absolutely work for your home décor. No matter what space and theme of your home décor, rattan furniture will work on it.

As well as the garden will look beautiful when there are many different types of flower. That case is also pretend with home décor. Rattan furniture will look awesome when match with other material like wood, fabric, stainless or even bamboo. Giving a natural impression of your living room with rattan furniture by applying living set made of rattan beautify with cushion.

Rattan furniture Manufacturer Company giving you wide option of rattan furniture in various design. Therefore, explore your creativity by designing your home completing with rattan furniture or other natural fibers like water hyacinth, seagrass, banana leaf or abaca.