Rattan Kubu Grey for Your House and Garden

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Rattan has become one of popular material for furniture nowadays. From this plant, we could make many collections of wicker furniture with different models of weaving. They grow enormously at Indonesia or more precisely live at Borneo ( Kalimantan ) and Sulawesi Island. Rattan not only grow in Indonesia, they also grow in some land in Malaysia however the quality of natural rattan from Indonesia is better than Malaysia. One of our customers even said it. He prefer to buy natural fiber or rattan furniture in Indonesia for his project than to Malaysia though he live there.

We could use the some parts of rattan for Furniture. We could the skin or well known as rattan peel or the core to make Rattan Furniture. Most of Rattan Furniture only for Indoor use except one kind of rattan namely Kubu Rattan Grey. This kind rattan is very strong and has high durability. You could use this material to make outdoor wicker furniture  for your garden.

Kubu grey rattan is made from regular rattan which still have the skin on it. The grey color is a natural color which is made by soaking it in the mud. We as one of big furniture rattan manufacturer in Indonesia also use kubu grey rattan as the material of our products. We combine it with teak and rattan core to make a wonderful wicker furniture for outdoor use with natural product.

Rattan furniture with kubu grey rattan as material is the best product if you want to put furniture to your house or  for your garden with natural touch