Baby Crib Collections from Natural Rattan Furniture

Baby Crib Collection From Natural Rattan Furniture

As previously known, Natural Rattan Furniture by Wisanka is a rattan and natural fiber furniture exporter. Around 2017, we looked for what was in the furniture market. What furniture products are trending in the market, what is the attractiveness of buyers, and market demand. Then, we innovated to create a line furniture that had not been developed by our company before. Yes, kids and baby furniture. Until finally we made it as a sample, and yes many customers were interested at that time. Even now, the kids and baby furniture line is one of the best-selling and sought-after products. One of the best-selling products on the market and has been ordered from many countries is the baby crib. Our baby crib is all handmade from natural rattan. Made by local artisans from Indonesia, Central Java in particular. The material we choose is high quality natural rattan, the finishing is done with a water base system with non-toxic paint material, making it safe for babies and children. Now, we have various designs, models and sizes of baby bassinet. Below are our baby crib models.

Oval Rattan Baby Crib

Oval Rattan Crib

Oval rattan cribs the first bassinet model we made. We made it with a simple design, but did not lose the beauty of this crib. With vintage and tropical style, this crib can be adjusted to any concept of your home. Keep your newborn nearby in this beautifully oval rattan crib, carefully constructed with your baby’s style and safety in mind. Boasting an earthy and natural look, our cribs carefully woven from natural rattan and the finishing is save for kids. Just information, this Oval baby crib has become one of the best-selling bassinet until now.

Rima Baby Crib


Rima rattan bassinets provide a warm and inviting first nest for your precious newborn, which will look divine in any room. They are light to move around, so you can easily transfer baby and bassinet into any part of your home or deck / garden. Different to the Oval baby crib design, we design Rima baby crib with more curves so as to give the impression of graceful, delicate, and supple. or the legs we also made a curve model, but still consider the strength and beauty of this baby crib. More than just good looks, the generous sizing ensures the baby won’t grow out of them too soon.

Round Rattan Baby Crib

Round Rattan Baby Bassinet
Round Rattan Baby Crib

We made Round baby crib for you who don’t have a large room in your home. The design same as the Oval Baby Crib, but we only make it a little smaller and rounder. These beautiful cribs will certainly bring a vintage french inspired feel to your nursery. If you struggle to look after your baby while you have to do household, but there is no one else in your home, this crib can be the solution. You can simply put your baby in this crib, and can move it easily in your home near you. It is a very light and compact model perfectly suited for households where allocation of space. So you don’t need to worry about leaving your baby while you are doing other things, cooking for example. After time, your child has grown up, and this crib is no longer enough to put your child, you can use this crib to store your child’s toys. This crib can also be used as a crib doll to play with your child.

Nada Rattan Bassinet


Nada Rattan Baby Crib will add the perfect vintage charm to your nursery. The body of these crib has a leaf shape adds to the rustic and tropical feel. The legs of this bassinet made with a curved shape add to the impression of grace. But do not neglect the strength and balance of this crib. Finished in white can be applied in a room that has temporary or minimalist concept. If you don’t want to leave the natural impression of rattan, this crib is also available in natural colors. Nada baby crib becomes one of the best-selling products ordered by our customers. These bassinets are light and airy, easy to move around the house, so baby is always by your side.

Emilia Rattan Crib

Emilia Rattan Bassinet
Emilia Rattan Crib

Emilia rattan baby crib designed to create a restful and dreamy night sleep for your little one. Emilia rattan crib is sure to be stylish in addition to your home & nursery. The two sides of the right and left sides are curved from top to bottom adding to the broad impression of this rattan crib. Rattan winding from each rattan connection point confirms that this crib is strong and safe to use for babies. Each rattan bassinet includes a comfortable firm mattress with a durable easy to remove cotton cover, with the bassinet light enough to move about the home if needed. These wicker bassinets have each been handcrafted from natural sustainable rattan.

Catalena Rattan Crib


Catalena rattan baby crib is almost same as Emilia rattan crib. A little smaller and not too curved like Emilia. The legs are also made with iron, a combination of materials to make it more sturdy for this crib construction. A pole is made on the side if you want to put a mosquito net to protect your baby from mosquito or insect bites. This rattan pole can also be used to place toys or pom poms to stimulate your baby’s motoric. The body is not too big, suitable for those of you who have a house with a minimalist design. Natural finishing color gives the impression soft and calm. Because this crib is not too heavy and big, makes it easy for you to move it to any place as needed.

How to get our Rattan Baby Crib

The above is a part of our baby crib collection. For the treatment of this crib is very easy, just wipe it with a soft cloth. You can also dip a cloth in water that has been mixed with detergent. If you are interested but want to change the material, finishing color or shape, we can do custom. We always innovate to make new models every month. For those of you who want to get the latest crib model updates or other kids furniture collections, visit our website You can also follow us on our social media or on We will always update our website and social media with new content every week. If you want to buy wholesale or buy our sample products, you can fill out the form on the contact us page or you can send live chat and connect directly to our marketing. Our marketing will be happy to answer all your questions about our products.