Popular Rattan Furniture in Chile

Donatello Rattan Living Set

As a of the leading manufacturers of rattan and natural fiber furniture. One of the main factors why we make rattan the raw material for our furniture is, our country is the largest producer of rattan raw materials in the world. Rattan is famous for its advantages that are durable, long lasting, and have easy maintenance methods. In addition, the price is quite affordable. There are chairs, tables, beds, and lampshades. Therefore, we take advantage of it and export our furniture to various countries around the world, one of which is Chile. Here are some rattan furniture that are becoming popular in Chile.

Recommendations Popular Rattan Furniture in Chile

Modern and Minimalist, Alona Wicker Dining Chair

Alona Rattan Dining Chair
Alona Dining Chair

Want to display a modern minimalist dining room? This rattan chair design can be an option. Comes with antique glaze color, this design is suitable to be combined with white walls. The wooden legs make this chair sturdy and strong. The webbing on the body comes from water hyacinth and is combined with woven rattan.

Rosini rattan chair, vintage and rustic style


Rosini Rattan Arm Chair
Rosini Rattan Arm Chair

Structure in barked rattan poles, natural lacquered, cane webbing with checkboard patterns reinforcements for the seat and for the back rest.‎ Optional seat pad available in various colours of fabrics depends on request, or in customer’s own material.‎

The Traditional Style Isabella Dining Set Furniture

Isabella Wicker Dining Set 6
Isabella Wicker Dining Set 6

The next design inspiration is a dining table with a traditional design. The table and chairs are made of rattan with long, slender wooden legs. The brown color of the rattan gives it a warm look. The backrest is made high enough to be able to lean back comfortably when sitting. This dining table and chair set consists of 6 dining chairs and one rectangular dining table. So it can be used for family gatherings.

In addition to some of the chair and table designs above, below are some of our products that are becoming popular in Chile.

Popular living room furniture in chile

Popular dining chair and table in chile

Over time, rattan has become one of the preferred materials for the community. With a strong natural impression, rattan furniture also has a high aesthetic value that can be combined with any home concept. You can also find other furniture inspirations on our product page.