Rattan Outdoor Dining Chair, Suitable for Summer in Spain

Rattan Outdoor Dining Chair

Rattan chairs are synonymous with chairs that can only be used indoors. However, don’t you know that apart from synthetic rattan, there is natural rattan that can be used outdoors. This is of course very suitable for use in Spain. Spain is famous for its Mediterranean climate, which is characterized by many hours of sunshine, mild winters and summers with little rain. Therefore Spain has several beaches. Most Spanish people like things with a Mediterranean style. But lately rattan furniture has become a trend there because many rattan furniture models have adopted the Mediterranean style.

5 Models of Rattan Outdoor Chair for Spain

For that we have a collection of Mediterranean style chairs that can be used outdoors in Spain. These are the following outdoor rattan dining chair :

String rattan chairs

String Rattan Chair

The String Natural rattan chair from Indonesia Rattan is perfectly simple. It would be right at home in a casual any style room. This chair has iron leg frames, so it can be used in outdoor areas such as in gardens, parks, or al fresco. You can sit back and relax while enjoying coffee with this chair. If placed on the terrace, you can set these two chairs with a small table.

Ashton outdoor stacking chair

Ashton wicker outdoor dining chair
Ashton wicker outdoor dining chair

Chairs with this design can really be used outdoors. With an iron frame and a combination of woven synthetic rattan and rope, it comes in black and white monochrome colors. It can be placed in the garden for barbecues, or it can be placed by the pool to just relax while enjoying the cool breeze from the Mediterranean sea. If you don’t use it for a long time, you can stack several of these chairs in one pile because of the stacking model.

Cruz wicker outdoor dining chair

Cruz wicker ooutdoor dining chair
Cruz wicker ooutdoor dining chair

Just like the ashton wicker chair, this cruz chair is made with a stacking model. With an iron frame, this chair is combined with synthetic rattan which is woven using the close webbing technique. Can be used as a dining chair and combined with a wooden table or a table with glass on top.

Wings rattan armchair

Wings Rattan Chair

At first glance, this chair has a wider back with curves like the shape of a wing. With an iron frame combined with natural rattan, you can place this chair on the patio or terrace. You can sit back and chat or just sit and read a book in this chair. Give a cushion on the back to make sitting more comfortable.

Ewan rattan dining chair

Ewan rattan outdoor dining chair
Ewan rattan outdoor dining chair

This new rattan dining chair collection comes with a simple, square shape on the seat and back. With a natural color and white legs, this dining chair is suitable for any design concept. Comes with a stacking model, this chair has a minimalist design that doesn’t take up much space. It is also suitable for restaurants or bars.

Rattan Furniture Exporter from Indonesia

Rattan chairs are not only used in indoor areas, but can also be used outdoors. You can set some of the chairs above in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony while enjoying the beautiful scenery with a Spanish atmosphere that is very thick with its culture. If you are confused about finding chairs for your restaurant or bar, you can use some rattan chairs like the recommendations above. As one of the rattan furniture exporters from Indonesia, we can serve some of your furniture needs for your retail store or furniture for resorts, hotels and restaurants. We also accept custom orders if you have your own standard size and furniture design, with a minimum quantity. Contact our marketing immediately to get the best offer.