Fine Points : Banana Leaf and Abaca

Maxima Abaca Woven Bar Stool

Creativity or ideas now and again come from passion. There have been many people who achieve something started with a love of the environment and cares for nature in which they lived. Indonesia is a rich country of natural resources and wide range of plants can flourish here as the fertility of its soil. Various kind of natural fiber like water hyacinth, seagrass, kubu gray, banana leaf, abaca and croco are thrives in Indonesia. Diverse kinds of natural fibers are giving wide choice of weaving material for the people in the term of indoor furniture.  This time we will describe details of banana fiber or well-known with Abaca.

The banana plant is the largest herbaceous flowering plant. The plants are normally tall and fairly sturdy and are often mistaken for trees but their main or upright stem is actually a pseudostem that grows 6 – 8 meters tall, growing from a corm. Each pseudostem can produce a single bunch of bananas. After fruiting, the pseudostem dies, but offshoots may develop from the base of the plant.

The nature of this plan after fruiting then dies would be a waste for some people but not for the craftsmen. Inevitably after fruiting the banana stem should be cut because will not productive again. This is what we called take an advantages from nothing to something.  

There are three types of banana tree like banana fiber, ornamental bananas and banana fruit.

BANANA FIBER is a type of banana tree which has a good bark fiber. This kind of banana tree is well-known as ABACA. Banana stem fiber has a different texture than other natural fibers. Abaca fibers are strong but still smooth and soft. The younger age of banana stems which is used the waving texture will be much smooth. 

ORNAMENTAL BANANA is a type of banana tree which is used as ornamental plants at home.

BANANA FRUIT is a type of banana which is the fruit as the main commodity as the taste of the fruit is delicious.

Based on above rank is helping the craftsman select a good banana fiber for their product. Strong but still smooth this is becoming the power of Abaca or banana leaf be one of the good choice for indoor furniture in natural fiber.

The banana stem need to pass several process before ready to weave. Peel the banana stem into sheet then dry under the sun for 10 days depend on the clime. They recommended to dry under the sun then oven because it will be delicate the fiber which makes easy to break when twisted. The results of the torsion banana fiber then planted or braided into various weaving style not only for handicraft but also indoor furniture like sofa, table, chairs and many more.