The Geourgeousness of Water Hyacinth Furniture

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Water Hyacinth. Plants that are considered to be disturbing in the past alter dramatically turn into one of a large export commodity from Indonesia.  Diversity of furniture material not only limited in natural rattan but also various kind of natural fiber like seagrass, kubu gray, banana leaf, abaca and croco giving wide choice of indoor furniture for the customer. Abundant availability of material and weaving style put water hyacinth furniture to be one of preferred furniture around the world.

Water hyacinth furniture classified into soft material but hard. Called soft when you touch it and hard when you shake it. The weaving is also various and it’s become one of the potential point for the wholesaler company. The water hyacinth weaving beside produce unique design but also minimize broken, crack or even graze problem on delivery.

For the dweller, natural fiber furniture from water hyacinth is much help. Light is the point which you can move the water hyacinth furniture by yourself without asking any help. Besides its not easy broken if hit, this furniture is also blend with other home furniture made from wood or even plastic.

As a conclusion, water hyacinth furniture provides not only beauty but also quality for either wholesaler or buyer.

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