What We Need to Know about Cushion

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There is no doubt combining chairs or sofa with cushion will add the value of those items. Looking more classy and comfy are what the cushion provide for the user. The characteristic of rattan furniture or others natural fiber which having uneven surface will be equalize with the right blend of cushion. Usually, forms of sofa for living room set furniture consist of seat cushion, back seat and pillow.

Buy cushion both foam cushion and cover cushion you need to know below explanation:

–       High Resilient ( HR ). People well know this kind of foam cushion as Fire Resistant. These kinds of material are standard for supplier in UK but some country are not stick to apply this kind of cushion material. For sure, this material will be much more safe for your family and durable. Directly proportional to the quality and safety offers, the price for this type is more expensive 5 until 8 times than normal cushion.

–       Density. The density rating of the foam material is the best indicator of the quality of the foam. The higher the density rating… the higher the quality of the foam and the longer you can expect it to maintain its shape, loft and support. The particular foam would be rather low in density and would not be a good material to use in seat cushions that are use on a daily basis. It may, suitable for back cushion, as back cushion do not need to support your body weight as seat cushion do.

–       Indentation Load Deflection ( ILD ) rating is a measure of how much pressure it takes to compress the foam 25% of its thickness.  From hard until smooth are available on it so just make sure that you have chosen the right density for your foam cushion according to the need. The right choices will help you to make the shape of the cushion not easily change or deflated moreover if its use for dining chair which intensity of use is often. The ILD rating of a foam material will tell you how firm the foam is.

Please also noted on your list that you will find kind of cover cushion which smell easily and the smell are difficult to remove even you have wash it a couple times. Besides, cushion is not durable it will not able longer then the furniture itself so that you have to be ready to change in some other time.