Get to Know Boho Style Home Decoration

Bohemian style home decoration

Boho style home decoration or ‘bohemian’ style is this concept which is rich in color, texture, and layer so that the three basic accents give off a relaxed and carefree feel. The main characteristic of bohemian décor is not following a color scheme, or combining all colors. The choice of colors also tends to be soft with an earthy tone. So, a room with this concept will be calming. Unlike the minimalist style that looks clean and neat, boho or bohemian décor styles actually show a more irregular impression. Where this concept is a combination of vintage and shabby chic concepts that give birth to a unique style.

Here are some of the characteristics of the bohemian style :

Many use patterned fabrics in Bohemian style decor

Patterned fabrics
Patterned fabrics (source : google)

Boho style décor uses a lot of fabric for pillows, carpets, curtains, and other upholstery fabrics. Pattern, color and texture are all important. Fabrics should look contrasting and no harmony required. Usually, bohemian style fabrics are very colorful and patterned.

Attaches to vintage furniture

Vintage furniture
Vintage furniture

Bohemian style furniture usually looks old and has been used for a long time. Vintage furniture is the type of furniture that fits perfectly, but is often covered with new fabrics or added colorful accents, patterned blankets, or pillows. Bohemian style furniture also often incorporates many textures. Old short closets are sometimes repainted and then used with cushions on top for extra seating.

Matches with knick knacks accessories or motif pillows

Boho style accessories
Boho style accessories

Boho style home decoration is synonymous with the use of unique knick-knacks such as patterned pillows. Other accessories used include sculptures, plants, hanging woods, patterned carpets, animal fur rugs, ancient plates, animal bones, jars, abstract paintings, and other crafts.

Good room lighting

Good Room lighting
Good Room lighting

With good lighting in the room, it is an important point in this stylish design, by having large windows so that natural light can enter optimally. Apart from that, giving lanterns with ethnic motifs and chandeliers is a common type of lamp that is often used. Boho-style lighting is usually a bit dim.

Free to choose colors

In this boho style style, there are no color rules because if you use a variety of accessories, it is enough to provide a neutral color so that the artistic value of the accessories can be seen clearly and beautifully.