The Best Selling Rattan Baby Bassinet in Australia

Mentari Rattan Baby Bassinet
When you are going to determine the model and design of a baby room with furniture, you usually often do research such as reading interior magazines, visiting shops, browsing, to choose baby furniture. But the choice of furniture depends on your creativity. We don’t have to stick to just one style. Actually we can take from various mixes of contemporary, modern, traditional or boho styles. But make sure the furniture you choose is committed to quality, uses the best materials, is safe for babies so that it will last for years at home. So, if you want to know the most best selling rattan baby bassinet model in Australia, here we attach the furniture model, let’s take a look!

Mentari Rattan Baby Bassinet


In Indonesian “Mentari” means sun. Inspired by French design combined with modern design. As the name implies, around this bassinet has decorations like a shining sun. For a baby bed, it is has oval shape, adjusted to the length of the baby. The legs are curved to firmly support the baby’s weight. Equipped with a mattress to add to the comfort of baby’s sleep. The mattress cover is removable if you want to wash it. Made of natural rattan material, handmade so that it is detailed in the workmanship. Using coating materials that are safe for babies, so you don’t have to worry about the toxic. The coloring system uses a water-based system. Mentari rattan baby bassinet is one of the best selling rattan baby bassinet in Australia. Not only in Australia, but also in the Netherlands and the United States. Besides the sun baby bassinet, you can see other beautiful bassinet models by visiting the kids furniture page.

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