Rattan Beach Chair, A Way To Enjoy Summer in Australia

Relax Rattan Beach Chair

As you know, generally December to February in the Southern Hemisphere experiences summer, one of which is in Australia. This is in contrast to countries in the northern hemisphere which experience winter in that month. Warm temperatures and sunny weather encourage people to do outdoor activities. One of them is going to the beach to just sunbathe, play in the waves, enjoy the beautiful sea, swim and even surf.

Relax rattan beach chair, as foldable sun lounger

If you like sunbathing on the beach, or just in the yard, one of  the furniture that is suitable for lying down is a sun lounger. There are several models of sun loungers, wooden sun lounger, synthetic rattan lounger, iron and many more. However, if you find it difficult to bring a large sun lounger, you can try our rattan beach chair, relax beach chair. Made with a foldable design, so you can take it wherever you want to sunbathe. You dont have to worry about carry on this chair, there is handle, so you can hang up with your arm. Because made of natural rattan, this chair is lighter to carry by hand, compared to ordinary sun loungers. With a woven rattan arch at the top for a headrest, so you feel at home to enjoy the summer sun. With adjustable backrest, you can adjust with the position that you want to lay on. Not only used for outdoor activities or sunbathing.

Relax Rattan Chair, as foldable sun lounger
Relax Rattan Chair, as foldable sun lounger

This beach chair can also use indoors, relaxing while reading a book, watching tv. This chair can also be used as a dining chair if you have a dining room concept with a short table, like most Japanese or Korean people. Made of rattan frame, and wrapped in rattan woven, making it unique, and traditional, the hallmark of Indonesian furniture products. This relax rattan beach chair has become our popular product, which is exported to Japan, Europe, America and Australia.