Multifunctional Furniture, Rattan Sofa Bed

Multifunctional Furniture
The use of flexible furniture is certainly an alternative for small houses. Not often this kind of smart-furniture will provide its own uniqueness in the house. Adding more furniture like this will add more space in the house. So, what is smart furniture? One of the smart furniture is multifunctional furniture.

What is multifunctional furniture?

Multifunctional furniture is furniture that has multiple functions and can be used for homes that have limited space. Multifunctional furniture also has several names, space-saving furniture and versatile furniture. This furniture is widely chosen because it is compact, practical and has more storage power.

The advantage of having multifunctional furniture

  • Save space

The concept of saving space is part of a minimalist home design that is simple but still elegant and well structured, so that it can maximize the room more effectively. Align the furniture, then you will see that the furniture does not fill the room too much. For example, align your furniture, it will see the furniture does not fill the room.
  • Save in the long run

For a set of 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 furniture, the price is quite expensive. Even though the price is expensive, you don’t need to be afraid of losing because by having multifunctional furniture, it means you can save on the cost of buying some furniture that will only narrow the house. So it’s not wrong to invest your money in goods that will provide more benefits in the long run.
  • Unique and Fashionable Design

The unique hidden storage feature is one of the mainstays of multifunctional furniture that will make the room look uncluttered and neatly organized. A variety of design choices, stylish and more modern, so you don’t have to hesitate to have this furniture at home.

Multifunctional furniture inspiration

Flo Rattan Sofa Bed

Flo Rattan Sofa Bed
Flo Rattan Sofa Bed
This Flo rattan sofa bed is a sofa set made of natural rattan, consisting of 2 rattan sofas and a square rattan coffee table. The back of this sofa is curved slightly high with decorations like sunlight, in the middle it is decorated with close webbing rattan woven. The hand holder is covered with rattan webbing as well. While the other sofa has a lower backrest, decorated with rattan rows. The legs on the sides are curved upwards to increase the strength of this chair. The square coffee table  is made full of rattan frames, you can add glass on top. What makes this chair set unique? Well, this flo chair set can be arranged in a row, it can be used as a kid’s bed. The size is adjusted to the size of the child. The backrest of the round sofa can be used as the headboard of this bed. The coffee table can be placed in the middle, and the other sofa as the bottom. You simply add a cushion in the middle. You can also use it as a daybed to lie down in the living room while joking, chatting and watching tv. Efficient enough, isn’t it so you don’t get confused about buying furniture for the family room? In addition to saving space, you also save money in the long run.

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