Kevin Wicker Living Set, when Traditional Meets Modern Design

Malvin Wicker Living Set

One style of furniture that is known to many people is the traditional style. The traditional style feels very comfortable and classic, putting forward a relaxed atmosphere and far from being formal. The traditional style is also able to display a comfortable and homely atmosphere. As with furniture, traditional furniture features classic lines and understated details. Traditional-style furniture colors also use soft colors usually. The materials used to make furniture are usually materials derived from nature, such as wood, rattan and natural fiber.

Modern style furniture

Fanie Rattan Chair Black
Fanie Rattan Chair Black

Furniture with a modern style usually uses straight lines to give a firm impression and uses bold colors. Some furniture such as chairs, sofas, tables can be made with a simple but modern appearance that meets the functional and aesthetic aspects. Modern-style furniture use multiplex wood combined with various colored coatings as materil. In addition to wood, modern furniture also uses stainless steel, iron, cloth, leather and synthetic fibers.

The combination of traditional and modern style furniture

Kevin wicker arm chair
Kevin wicker arm chair

After knowing about the furniture with modern and traditional styles above, we can combine it with the interior concept of the house. If you want a relaxed, and more earthy atmosphere, you can choose traditional style furniture. But if you want furniture that has firmer lines and bold colors, you can choose furniture with a modern style. It is not impossible if you want to combine traditional and modern furniture styles. For this option, you can use furniture with softer curves with bolder colors that can bring comfort. For example, for the living room you can choose this Kevin Wicker living set. This furniture has soft woven grooves that can give a traditional touch. This wicker sofa set is made of water hyacinth combined with natural rattan. The construction of Kevin wicker living set uses a wooden frame, so it is sturdy. Combined with a modern design, with straight lines so that it gives a firm impression. With the addition of a cream colored cushion, this rattan sofa set looks softer and brighter. You can place in the living room, terrace or family room. You can sit back and enjoy tea or coffee with a piece of biscuit with your family and friends.

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