Supplier Wicker Living Set in Mexico

Quarter Wicker Living Set

Supplier wicker living set Mexico – As supplier furniture we have developed and produced several kinds and designs of furniture. Exported in several countries such as Mexico. By carrying the theme of furniture sustainable , we always use natural ingredients natural rattan. Such as natural rattan, water hyacinth, abaca, seagrass, croco and banana leaf. We make furniture according to existing trends. For example contemporary style. One of our most exported furniture categories is wicker living set. Because Living room is an element of house that never left behind because of its function. Model wicker sofa and chair set is very diverse. With additional cushion and pillow for extra comfort of wicker arm chair and wicker sofa. We also provide additional furniture such as wicker coffee table, wicker side table and wicker stool.

You can use it to receive guests, or sit back with your family while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. In addition rattan living set can be used for restaurant for those of you who are developing the project. The following is an example of living set our collection.

Wicker living set