Manufacture Rattan Furniture for Netherland Market

Manufacture Rattan Furniture for Netherland Market

Manufacture rattan furniture for netherland – Contemporary furniture and Indonesian rattan have successfully captivated the Europe market, especially in Netherland. The success of this export also shows that Indonesian rattan furniture products are not only able to maintain quality, but also comply with current world market demand and trends, which tend to use natural, environmentally friendly materials, and have wood legality certificates. Considering the main export destination of rattan, which is still dominated by the US, it is hoped that it will be able to strengthen exports of national rattan furniture products to the Netherland market.

Manufacture of high quality rattan furniture

As a company engaged in rattan furniture from Central Java, Indonesia. We produce various kinds of rattan furniture such as rattan chairs, rattan table, sofa, rattan bassinet, rattan toddler bed, rattan dining chair, rattan beach chairs and many of our other products. We always develop our rattan furniture product designs based on customer needs. All of our furniture is handmade by skilled artisans of high aesthetics so that it comes with a unique character. This is supported by a series of quality controls covering material selection, framing process, dyeing process, weaving process and packing finishing process.

Our rattan furniture comes at affordable prices

We always offer goods at a very low cost but can give you the best offer, we have a flexible policy towards customers, namely with a negotiation system for products with wholesale purchases, complete sets of houses, restaurants, hotels and so on. Retail furniture stores often do very high price markups, this is due to adjustments to other costs that we don’t have.

We are ready to help you anytime for your home, hotel or villa projects, or shop for wholesalers and retailers with our synthetic rattan and natural fiber furniture. For more information, please contact us directly via live chat on jivo pop up.