Wicker Chair to Decorate Your Garden

Morissa Wicker Patio Set

Garden chairs are one of the items that can be used to beautify the green area or garden in your home. The number of garden chair materials, such as wood, aluminum, iron, or rattan, may make it difficult for you to choose the right product. In order not to be confused, we will provide tips on choosing a garden chair, especially a wicker garden chair that is good for you. It doesn’t stop there, there are also recommendations for the best garden chair collections

How to Choose a Garden Chair

A garden chair is an object that you will use for a long time. Therefore, pay attention to the following points


Know the garden chair material based on its appearance and durability. Garden chair material is an important thing that you should know. This is because the material of the chair will affect the durability of the product and the atmosphere you want to create.

Wooden Garden Chair

Xavi Wooden Chair
Xavi Wooden Chair

Wooden chairs are perfect for those of you who prioritize the impression of warmth and compatibility with the garden. It is important to remember, garden chairs made of wood that are exposed to the weather will constantly change color. You can enjoy different atmospheres as the colors change. Products that have been coated with protective paint, such as oil or other similar paints, are recommended. If you want a chair that is durable, a table made of teak is the right choice. Teak wood is known to be strong and not easily weathered.

Aluminium Garden Chair

Lilipalo Aluminium Stool
Lilipalo Aluminium Stool

Garden chairs made of aluminum have the advantage that they will not rust or rot. This makes the aluminum garden chair durable and long lasting. This material is also relatively light so you will have no difficulty when arranging and shifting its position.

Rattan Garden Chair

Vivo wicker chair
Vivo wicker chair

Garden wicker chair made of synthetic rattan are perfect for resort gardens or ethnic nuances. What’s more, wicker rattan chairs are generally made using polyethylene so they are lighter and easier to move. For natural rattan, the color will fade if it continues to be exposed to sunlight. However, this will not be experienced by synthetic rattan chairs.

Easy Storage

Garden chairs are very fun to use to relax when the weather is sunny. Well, a garden chair that can be folded will make it easier for you to store it when not in use, for example during the rainy season. In addition to chairs that can be folded, there are also chairs that can be stored by disassembling the components. The similarities between the two are that they will make it easier for you to store them in the warehouse.

Consider the Chair that Comes with The Table

When buying a garden chair, it is difficult to find a chair or sofa that looks the same as the table separately. You are actually free to combine a garden table with any chair you like. However, to create a uniform impression, you can choose a garden table that is already a set with the chair. Moreover, set products usually have a more economical price.

Best Garden Wicker Chair Recommendation

Next, we will recommend the best garden wicker chair products that we determine based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected taking into account product quality, chair style, and materials.

garden wicker chair collections

Make your garden area even more stunning in any weather by choosing this beautiful table! With an elegant design, this table and chair set can make your garden look more beautiful.


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