Rattan Doll Crib, The Most in-Demand Doll Furniture in the United States These Days

Sunrise rattan doll bassinet

Previously, we have discussed about rattan doll furniture products that are currently the most sought after in California, United States (read: The Most Sought After Rattan Doll Furniture in California). This time we will discuss some rattan doll crib items that are on the rise in Virginia, United States. Often we get requests for offers from Uncle Sam’s country, the United States about rattan children’s furniture. Many of them ask in large quantities to resell or to rent and use for photo properties. Virginia’s most sought-after children’s furniture in particular is rattan toys.

Why rattan doll crib popular in United States?

This toys look vintage and traditional but they are trending and loved by many children. Because it is unique and resembles a real bed. An example of one is the rattan doll crib. Designed exactly the same as a baby crib, but made in a smaller size. Makes it catch the attention of anyone who sees it for the first time. For adults it is as if they are reminiscing about their childhood when playing with traditional toys. Encourage imaginative play and hours of fun with our rattan dolls crib. Designed and crafted to last and be enjoyed by generations to come, our rattan dolls cribs also make beautiful decor/display items for a nursery or playroom with their classic and stylish look. Your child can put their doll to sleep in their crib, as if they were putting their baby to sleep. This can train your child to play the role of a mother. Because it is made of natural rattan, of course this rattan doll bassinet is durable and strong. Can be stored for a long time. You can also put toys, dolls in this rattan doll crib, if it is not used for playing anymore.

Is our doll crib safe for children to use?

This question is often asked by many people. Of course it’s safe. Because we always design children’s rattan furniture products with designs that are safe for children and babies, there are no sharp corners on each side. We also use water-based coloring systems, and use non-toxic paints that are safe for children and babies.

How to care for rattan doll crib? Is it difficult?

Maintenance of rattan doll crib is not difficult. Just like most other toys. You just wipe it with a cloth with fine fibers so that the surface remains smooth and beautiful. If there are dirty stains, you can simply brush them with a soft brush and give a little detergent and then rinse them with clean water. Because it is made of natural rattan, the use of rattan toys should be indoors.

How to order our doll crib toy collection?

If you are interested in buying our doll crib toys in bulk quantities, you can contact our marketing via live chat or fill out the form on the contact us page. Then our marketing will send you a price list of our products, and you can choose which products you are interested in.