Want your home to look beautiful? Complete the dining room with this wicker dining set

Alicia Wicker Dining Set

The dining room is a place that can strengthen the relationship between family members as well as a space to entertain guests. The presence of the dining room will be endeavored to remain present even though the place is not so wide. Like other rooms in the house, the interior of the dining room can be beautified with certain concepts and themes.

One of the furniture used is a dining set, dining table and dining chairs. Currently, there are many variations of dining tables, not only round or rectangular with rigid and boring designs. To beautify the house, is to place a set of dining table and wicker dining chairs. The following are recommendations for wicker dining sets to beautify your home.

Recommendations wicker dining sets for your home

Surya wicker dining set

Surya Wicker Dining Set
Surya Wicker Dining Set

The Round Dining Table with four wicker dining chairs is a product that you should not miss. This set consists of a wooden round table with a diameter of 120 cm. The table legs and dining chair legs are made of wood, making this wicker dining set sturdy. With a seat cushion and back add to your comfort when eating or just sitting. This Surya wicker dining set can also be the right choice when space in the house is limited. If you like inviting your family to gather together or eat together, you can add chairs.

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Anita wicker dining set with 6 dining chairs

Anita Wicker Dining Set
Elegant Wicker Dining Set

Anita wicker Dining Set consist of 6 Chairs 1. This table, of course, you can choose too. This product looks so luxurious. This dining table and chairs set is suitable for the dining room. Made of solid wood, this product uses an antique glaze finish. This dining table set is suitable for use with a spacious dining room.

Narnia rattan dining set

Narnia Rattan Dining Set
Narnia Rattan Dining Set

Another dining table and chair set that you can choose is the Narnia Rattan Dining Set. It has a simple, beautiful, and elegant design, making it feel right to be placed in the feel of any home. This dining table is also with 4 rattan dining chairs. Comes with a dining table that can be folded is recommended for those who want a dining set with limited space. Fold or flip, choose the Narnia dining set to beautify your dining room at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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