Several Choices of Rattan Dresser As A Storage Solution For Your Home

Rattan Dresser

What is a Dresser?

Dresser are usually positioned in the area as a cosmetic container and clothing table. Technically, a dresser is a short wardrobe with many drawers arranged in several columns.

This chest of cabinets is typically used to store clothing and other items in a set of drawers. The drawer on a dresser are arranged in columns, typically 2 or three side-by-side. In overall, there are six or even more cabinets in the cabinet.

The frame is wide at the top, making dressers widely used. Some of the benefits of a dresser are as a dressing table, or as a place to place various decorative pieces and other functional items.

Best Material for Dresser

There are various materials that can be used for dressers, including:


Wooden is one of the most commonly used material for dressers. This material is suitable for use in various dresser designs, ranging from minimalist, rustic, to even complex contemporary styles. In addition, wood is also known to have excellent material durability and sturdiness. Solid wood construction almost always promises top quality. Nevertheless, in regards to rate, wood often tends to be a lot more costly.


Webbing is a type of woven material that can be made from natural rattan or plastic. It has the characteristics of being strong, resistant to moisture and stains, and very light. This material is also often incorporated in wooden structures when drawers are made.

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Although much rarer than wood, metallic dresses can be found in a variety of designs. Not infrequently, some craftsmen combine metal materials with wood. The advantage is that it can provide a lighter, more durable frame depending on the type of metal. Despite its light weight, the metal chest of drawers has a very strong and sturdy construction. Metal dressing tables are also available in a variety of colors, as the material can be easily painted to achieve the desired finish.

Types of Rattan Dressers Based on Shape

Here are some recomendation choices of rattan dresser that can suit your home

Vertical Dresser

Yuan Wooden Wicker Cabinet
Yuan Wooden Wicker Dresser

The upright kind is additionally called the basic breast of cabinets or the ‘tallboy.’ Unlike the straight kind dressers, the upright kind is taller than it is broad. Vertical dressers are an excellent solution for Pins who have limited space but want to maximize their storage capacity. Vertical dressers usually consist entirely of drawers. However, in some designs, the top has a cupboard that technically makes the piece of furniture a cupboard.

Horizontal Dressers

Demak Rattan Buffet
Demak Rattan Dresser

This type is the conventional kind of cabinet that is commonly made use of. Typically, the horizontal type consists of two to three rows of wide and long drawers. In some cases, Pins will find a horizontal dresser with a top row that includes more small drawers. Currently available various sizes of drawers making them very versatile, allowing you to store different types of clothes or personal items.

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Double Dressers

Wenny Wicker Drawer
Wenny Wicker Drawer

The hallmark of the double dresser is its wide size which consists of two very wide and wide drawer columns. This type of wardrobe is an excellent selection for couples that share a large area and also have many products of clothes to shop.

Dressers with Changing Table

Vivi baby rattan changing table
Vivi baby rattan changing table

This type is a fraction of the combo type which is equipped with a changing table alias table for changing diapers and baby clothes. This dresser combo equipped with a changing table is perfect for new parents who have limited space or don’t want to spend too much money on unnecessary furniture for their nursery. This dresser combo with a changing table is perfect for new moms and dads that have restricted room or do not intend to spend too much cash on unnecessary furniture for a kid’s room.

Rattan Chest

Chloe Wicker Chest
Chloe Wicker Chest

The last is a type of dresser upper body which is likewise called a seminier. This kind holds seven cabinets, which are indicated for every day of the week. The design is tall, long, with deep, narrow drawers. Typically, this sort of upper body of cabinets is made use of to store smaller sized things of garments such as underclothing and socks.

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Those are some choices of rattan dresser that you can use as a storage solution for your home. You can buy it in bulk if you are a rattan furniture wholesaler. We will give you a special offer until the end of 2022. To see our rattan furniture collection, you can click on the product page