Get to know Seagrass and Its Various Uses for Handicrafts and Furniture

Egg Seagrass Living Room Furniture Set

Seagrass is one of the wild plants that often grows on the beach. Not only wild plants that can’t be used, seagrass also turns out to have several benefits.  In fact, not infrequently its existence is also beneficial for humans and can support daily activities. Call it if the plant is used and processed for various human needs. Such as made into handicrafts, woven, and various other products that have a fairly high selling value. Segrass is a tough plant that has a myriad of benefits. Want to know anything? Check out information about seagrass.

Characteristics of seagrass

Seagrass (source : google)

Seagrass or often referred to by other names pandanus thorns is a plant endemic to Australia. Precisely from the region of East Australia and the Pacific Islands. This plant can grow naturally around the Pacific coast of Polynesia, Micronesia, Melanesia, and Australia. Seagrass can grow well in full sun. This plant can grow on peat soils, calcareous soils and coastal soils with high salt content. In addition, this plant is also resistant to strong winds. So not infrequently if often found around the sea or beach.

There are many benefits that this wild seagrass has. Even in some areas the use may also be different. Want to know what the use of this sea panda is like?

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Seagrass characters that are commonly processed into crafts

Seagrass has leaves that look like swords. Not only the shape that makes it resemble a sword but also its size is quite large. Even according to observations, it is known that the average size of seagrass leaves can reach a length of 1 to 2 m. With a leaf width of 1 to 7 cm. At the ends of the branches, you will usually find a spiral arrangement of rows of leaves. Seagrass is often called the pandanus plant because the shape and position of the leaves resemble pandanus. That is, with the leaves that are old or somewhat old will bend and dangle down.

seagrass characteristics
seagrass characteristics (source : google)

Of course this section is usually found at the bottom, you could say about a third of the entire tree. Very similar to pandan is not it? But even so, this plant does not have leaves with a distinctive pandan aroma. In addition, the growth of this plant also tends to be wild. With leaves that are both long and wide, it is not uncommon for this part to be used a lot to be processed into crafts. Wild pandan leaves usually have thorns around them with a length of 3 to 5 mm.

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However, the presence of thorns on the leaves is not an obstacle to utilizing this part. Because before processing, the thorns from wild sea pandan leaves will be cleaned and removed first. Only then processed and then made into woven or other craft products. Seagrass crafts can be in the form of baskets, bags, trays, toy boxes and much more.

Seagrass Handicrafts

Seagrass for furniture materials

Besides being made crafts, seagrass woven can also be used as raw material for making furniture. Don’t get me wrong, seagrass furniture is very famous in several countries in America, Australia and Europe. Because it has an environmentally friendly impression. Seagrass furniture in the form of sofas, dining chairs, arm chairs, beds, tables, cabinets and shelves.

Seagrass furniture