The Advantages of Rattan Baby Play Gym for Sydney Market

Lionel Rattan Baby Play Gym

Rattan Baby Play Gym Sidney | Rattan baby gym is one of the earliest learning aids and sports for your baby made of natural rattan. It can stimulate baby sensory and motor. Now on the market, available in various models and price levels. Especially in several countries in Australia, rattan baby furniture is popular there. In Sydney especially, there has been a lot of demand for wholesales baby furniture in recent years. Here are some reasons why in Sydney there are many requests for wholesale rattan baby play gyms. 

Why is it important to have a rattan baby gym?

You need to stimulate the baby from an early age. With this rattan toy, babies aged 3-6 months can get sensory and motor stimulation in a fun way. Baby will get visual stimulation from toys hanging from the bar. Why rattan, because rattan is light and of course safe for babies.

Right time

Rattan Baby Play Gym
Rattan Baby Play Gym

Usually the age “0 +” or “3+” is listed on the baby gym packaging. Choose according to the stage of baby’s development. Age 3 – 6 months is the most appropriate to be introduced to the baby gym. Among other things, because the baby has begun to respond to the conditions around him. He also began to be smart to focus his eyes. Start looking at things around him. If you try to move the toy to the right or side to side, his eyes can start to follow the direction of movement. He is also capable of grabbing objects that catch his attention. When he turns 6 months old, when his weight increases, and he starts to move a lot, you should start providing other toys that support the baby’s urge to learn to walk. Baby gyms are usually no longer suitable as play equipment and can’t hold their body weight when they start learning to stand up.


You as a parent must accompany him to play. Although these tools are sure to keep babies very busy. You can create sounds as he explores skills with this tool. Besides, of course your job is to ensure the safety of the baby’s play.

Toy safety.

We recommend that you choose a baby gym that is guaranteed quality, especially because this is a toy for babies. You have to make sure the ingredients are safe for the baby to put in the mouth, as well as the sounds produced don’t startle the baby.

How to use rattan baby gym

Sleep your baby in a supine position on the baby gym mat. Shake the toy until it makes a sound. Help the baby’s hand to reach the toy that is above it until it sounds

Those are some of the reasons why rattan baby play gym in Sydney, Australia are very popular. Because it is made of natural and safe materials, of course also because the price is affordable. In addition, the rattan baby play gym is very durable in use for a long time. In terms of maintenance, it is easy to clean. If you have a baby shop or furniture store, you can order our collection of rattan baby furniture wholesale. Of course we will provide a special offer for you. You can contact us via the contact us page or live chat with our marketing staff.

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