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Ying Kids Rattan High Chair

Rattan high chair for babies, is a chair that is usually used for feeding babies. Baby high chairs are generally made of plastic, but recently rattan high chair for babies in Australia have become very popular. The consideration is that the material feels stronger and more durable than plastic baby chairs. In addition, rattan high chairs are claimed to be environmentally friendly furniture products. Rattan high chairs for the market in Australia, are also very diverse in shape and size. Not only with vintage models, this rattan high chair is also very unique and light like a plastic high chair for babies. This rattan high chair for babies is also equipped with a tray for placing bowls or cups used for feeding babies. Apart from that, maintenance and cleaning are easy.

Australia baby rattan high chair supplier

If you are interested in selling baby high chair suppliers in Australia, then you have come to the right place. As a manufacturer of rattan furniture, we also produce rattan equipment for babies including rattan high chairs. We have also sold various kinds of baby furniture to various furniture distributors in Australia. In addition to selling baby high chairs with our regular models, we also accept custom orders for baby high chairs according to the size and model you want.

Manufacture of rattan baby furniture

As a manufacturer of rattan baby furniture, we have a minimum order of 1 x 20 feet container load. Of course, our products have safety standards for Australian babies. The materials we use are free from toxic substances, so they are safe for babies. Apart from Australia, we have exported our baby furniture to various distributors in several countries such as the Netherlands, Poland, South Korea and the United States.

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