Wholesale Supplier Home Decor

Wholesale Supplier Home Decor

Welcome to Wholesale Supplier Home Decor!. We are wholesale supplier of home decor that have been producing thousands of various designs and models of home decor for a long time. Starting from home decor for the living room, for the dining room, for the bedroom to for the children’s room or baby’s room. Since 2003 we have been supplying wholesale home decor to various suppliers in various countries, such as Australia, Japan, Argentina, Chile, South Korea and the United States.

Rattan Home Decor Manufacture

Our home decor products are divided into several types, based on their use at home. The following are some of our home decor products, most of which are made of natural rattan and natural fiber.

Living Room Home Decor

  • Rattan Side Table

  • Rattan Shelves

  • Rattan Room Divider

  • Rattan Decorative Mirrors

  • Rattan Bookshelf

  • Rattan Stool

Dining Room Home Decor

  • Rattan Bowl

  • Rattan Tray

  • Rattan Plate

  • Rattan Bench

Bedroom Home Decor

  • Rattan Headboard

  • Wicker Basket

  • Rattan Cabinet

  • Rattan Wardrobe

  • Full Length Mirror

Kids Room Home Decor

  • Kids Mirrors

  • Rattan Rocking Horse

  • Rattan Dolls Furniture

Our home decor products are handmade by Indonesian artisans whose workmanship is very detailed. By using high quality raw materials, we always prioritize the quality of our products so that our distributors and customers are satisfied with our products. For the price, our products have competitive prices. The more quantity ordered, we will give you lower prices. Our minimum order is 1×20 feet container, and you can mix items, with a minimum quantity of 10 pcs per item.

Our products for your shop

If you are interested in stocking our home decor product collection for your store, you can contact our marketing to get our latest catalog and pricelist. We will be happy to listen to your needs, and get attractive offers. You can also order our custom home decor products in wholesale quantities.