Rattan Furniture for Germany

Rattan Furniture for Germany

There is no doubt about the quality and motifs of handicraft products from Indonesia that are sold abroad. Even though the furniture market in Europe is currently sluggish and declining, rattan furniture is indeed one of the choices. Because Rattan has a number of features and one of them is its ability to be formed into various kinds of furniture. It’s really extraordinary. Not only beauty, but strength is also quite good.

Indonesian rattan furniture increase in demand in Germany

Like rattan furniture was produced in Cirebon and Central Java, which presents classic designs that are able to penetrate the German market because these furniture models are quite in demand. We continue to develop various furniture designs, one of which is a classic design that is in demand by the German market. Not only in Germany, classic design rattan furniture with a variety of natural colors is in great demand by consumers in Europe. However, currently it is not only classic rattan furniture that is in demand, as time goes by, many models of modern rattan furniture are also in great demand in Germany. Like a combination of rattan furniture with iron frames.

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Why do Germans like rattan furniture?

Rattan has advantages apart from artistic aspects as well as environmental aspects because rattan is a plant that grows well when side by side with other large plants. And also the price is affordable when compared to wooden furniture, making rattan furniture the furniture of choice for Germans.

Why is it that in Germany today rattan furniture with iron frames is so popular?

Not only are full natural rattan popular, but iron frames combined with natural rattan will make the perfect piece of furniture. One of the advantages is, it makes rattan furniture stronger. Besides that, with an iron frame, you can make it as rattan furniture for the garden. Or it can be used as patio furniture, terrace furniture and balcony furniture.

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Germany rattan furniture supplier

We, as one of the furniture manufacturers from Indonesia, are ready to supply the needs of the German furniture market. By presenting quality that is no doubt, our rattan furniture has been exported to various countries for more than 20 years. We always use the best raw materials to produce high quality furniture. Almost all of our products are handmade by local artisans, so the quality of the details and accuracy is unquestionable. As a supplier of rattan furniture, we are ready to supply rattan furniture to the German market. If you are a furniture business owner or want to open a furniture store, we will help you meet your business needs. We will also provide the best deal for you.

The following are some of our rattan furniture collections that are popular in Germany. Our furniture collection is divided into several categories, as below:

Rattan Furniture Category

  • Rattan Bar Chair

  • Rattan Bistro Chair

  • Rattan Arm Chair

  • Rattan Terrace Furniture

  • Rattan Cradle

  • Rattan Table