Rattan Outdoor Furniture Wholesale Supplier

Mona Rattan Outdoor Furniture Wholesale Supplier

Currently, Natural rattan furniture, which was previously an indoor rattan furniture supplier, has developed several rattan furniture for outdoor use. Due to the large demand for outdoor furniture markets in the United Kingdom, several European countries, Australia and America. Our indoor furniture are dominated by natural fiber materials such as natural rattan, water hyacinth, seagrass, and banana leaf. Our rattan outdoor furniture are also dominated by rattan core, kubu rattan and synthetic rattan. These materials are strong materials if placed outdoors. Especially synthetic rattan which is rattan made of plastic that is sun-resistant and water-resistant.

Rattan Outdoor Furniture Categories

Here are some of our outdoor rattan products that you can use as a reference when buying furniture for your garden, terrace or backyard.

Rattan Outdoor Sofa Set

Auckland Wicker Corner Set
Auckland Wicker Corner Set

Consists of several rattan arm chairs, two seater rattan sofa, three seater rattan sofa and a coffee table. Usually made of synthetic rattan, and equipped with removable seat and back cushions. So that it can be removed when the summer is over. This rattan outdoor sofa set has a sectional shape.

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Rattan Outdoor Dining Set

Amurti Rattan Outdoor Dining Set
Amurti Rattan Outdoor Dining Set

Usually consists of several dining chairs and a dining table. There is a model of a dining table in the middle of which there is a hole to place an umbrella in the middle, so that it is not too exposed to the sun. Suitable for you who like the concept of al fresco dining.

Rattan Outdoor Chair

Hannah Rattan Outdoor Chair
Hannah Rattan Outdoor Chair

This rattan chair for outdoor can be placed on the terrace of a house or garden which is usually to sit while breathing fresh outside air. You can combine these two rattan chairs and a small table in the middle to be installed on the terrace or balcony of the house.

Rattan Patio Set

Bali Rattan Patio Set
Bali Rattan Patio Set

it doesn’t feel complete if there isn’t any furniture on the patio, and rattan patio sets are the right choice of furniture. Besides being lighter and easier to move, this rattan has a strong character and is comfortable to use.

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Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan outdoor furniture can be used while you are relaxing enjoying the sun in the summer. Or you can use it to eat together in the backyard or garden. It can be for a party or just a barbecue with family members or friends. You can also add a large umbrella so that it is not too exposed to the sun when sitting. Not only can it be used for home furniture, our outdoor rattan furniture can also be used in hotels, resorts or in restaurants with an outdoor theme. You can also use it at a wedding with a garden party concept.

Not only can it be used outdoors, rattan outdoor furniture can also be used indoors. For its durability and durability, there is no doubt about it. Outdoor rattan furniture is known to be very strong and can be used for years. You can add a cushion to make it more comfortable when used.

Supplier of rattan furniture

If you are looking for a supplier of outdoor rattan furniture at affordable prices and high end quality, you have come to the right place. We have a large collection of rattan outdoor furniture items that you can make a collection for your store stock or to complement the interior of your hotel, resort or restaurant. Contact our marketing to get attractive offers