Supplier of Seagrass Furniture

Supplier of Seagrass Furniture

Maybe some of us are still unfamiliar with seagrass furniture. Seagrass furniture is furniture made from natural fiber, namely seagrass. We might just call it wicker furniture. We’ve seen him before, but we don’t know his name. Seagrass furniture is wicker furniture that is no less beautiful than rattan furniture. Usually combined with wooden frames and woven combined with natural rattan. Seagrass furniture has almost the same characteristics and characteristics as natural rattan, which are durable, sustainable, eco friendly and flexible. The colors are also mostly natural colors.

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Where to find supplier of seagrass furniture?

Seagrass furniture is no less trendy than rattan furniture. Many people like seagrass furniture. Therefore, if you are a furniture business, and looking to find supplier of seagrass furniture, you have come to the right place. We, as an Indonesian furniture manufacturer, produce furniture made from natural fibers, one of which is seagrass furniture. Our seagrass furniture collection is very diverse, ranging from chairs, tables, dining chairs, living room sets, dining room sets to basketball.

Egg Rattan Living Set
Egg Seagrass Living Set

Our seagrass furniture collection has several design models. Not only vintage and traditional style, our seagrass furniture also comes with a modern or contemporary style. By using solid wood frames, of course our seagrass furniture has a strong construction and is durable in use for a long time. So you will save the budget to buy furniture.

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The largest seagrass furniture importing country

Pearl Rattan Living Set
Pearl Seagrass Living Set

Several countries such as Argentina, Chile, the United States, and Australia have imported our seagrass furniture. In that country, seagrass furniture is loved by many people, because it is environmentally friendly and the price is more affordable than wood furniture and furniture made of leather. They like to import seagrass furniture from us because there are many designs and models of our seagrass furniture and we also use quality materials. Apart from exporting our regular seagrass furniture products, there are also some buyers who use their own custom furniture designs.

The following are some of our seagrass furniture collections :

Collections of seagrass furniture