Rattan Furniture Dominican Republic

Rattan Furniture Dominican Republic

Rattan Furniture Dominican Republic – As a rattan furniture supplier, we have designed and made furniture products, both original designs and custom designs from our clients. We have also exported it to various countries, including the Caribbean Sea Islands, Central America, the Dominican Republic. Carrying the theme of natural fiber furniture, most of our furniture is handmade using natural materials such as natural rattan, water hyacinth, seagrass, banana leaf and croco. Our furniture is made in various designs and styles, from vintage style, boho style, coastal style to modern or contemporary style. Our most exported and favorite product is rattan chairs. Both rattan chairs with arms and rattan chairs without arms. We have many types of rattan chairs, rattan dining chairs,lounge chairs, beach chairs, lazy chairs, chairs for children, and even sofas.

Wholesale Rattan Furniture

You can order our furniture  in large quantities. If you are a business owner who operates in the furniture sector, or a furniture shop owner in Santo Domingo, or want to start a furniture business, you are in the right place. You can order our products, or you can order a custom design according to the design you want to make. You can display rattan furniture or wicker furniture in your shop in Santo Domingo, it will attract a lot of attention from anyone who sees it. Or if you are confused about looking for rattan table chairs for your restaurant furniture, you can order them from us. Using natural fiber furniture or rattan furniture will of course be a plus for the interior of your restaurant.

Rattan chairs

Our products come in competitive prices, this does not mean that our furniture products come with the same quality, we always use quality materials, so our furniture has high quality. With handmade furniture, our furniture is unique because it is made carefully one by one by local craftsmen, who have high skills. Come on, what are you waiting for to stock our furniture, for the end of 2023 collection or for the furniture collection 2024 in your shop in. If you are interested, immediately contact our marketing team, and get the best offer from us!

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