Rattan Bassinet, The Most Sought After Baby Furniture in Melbourne

Bitna Rattan Bassinet

Having a baby is a gift for every couple or parent. Babies provide happiness and their own color in the household. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, your home will feel cheerful. Before your baby is born, maybe you already have preparations such as buying equipment, clothes, furniture, arranging and designing the baby’s room. Here we will discuss one of the baby furniture that has been popular in recent years. Yes, rattan bassinet. One of them is in one of the big cities in Australia, Melbourne. Rattan bassinet is a baby bed, which is made of natural rattan material. Actually there are many bassinets that already exist, namely from wood, from cloth, from plastic and from iron.

The Uniqueness of Rattan Bassinet

Why rattan bassinet?. However, the rattan bassinet became popular in Melbourne because of its beautiful design, lightweight, and not requiring a large space to place it. If you want your baby to sleep in your room, you just have to move it. So it doesn’t require any effort to lift it, if you want to move it from one room to another. We have various models of rattan bassinet with various styles. vintage, modern, coastal and boho styles. You can adjust to the design concept of your baby’s room. Then, for the paint is it safe for babies? Yes of course. Because we use water based coating. Which is non-toxic and safe for babies. For the size, is it right? The size of our rattan bassinet uses an Australian cot mattress, so it fits your baby, and your baby can move freely while sleeping on it.

So what rattan bassinet designs are trending in Melbourne?

The following are some of the rattan bassinet models that are trending in Melbourne. There are several models and colors.

Melbourne rattan bassinet

If you are confused about choosing a bassinet model, the model above can be used as a reference. Rattan bassinet above is made with several models, rectangular models, oval models, round models and curved models above. We still have many other bassinet models, you can visit our product page.