Why are Rattan Kids Beds So Popular in Amsterdam?

Belova Rattan Toddler Bed

When your child grows up, and is ready to sleep alone in his room. It is a stage of a child’s growth. You definitely want to provide furniture that is comfortable, safe and in accordance with your child’s wishes. When your child wants to arrange his room as a room for rest, but your child wants it at the same time as a place to play. You may have to think extra to design and choose the right furniture. Therefore, one option that you can do is to choose a bed of rattan.

In various countries in the world, rattan furniture is becoming a trend. Of the many buyers who buy wholesale from us, they are from the Netherlands. Yes, currently in the Netherlands, rattan furniture is indeed being sought after. Especially in Amsterdam, a charming and beautiful city that invites exploration when traveling to the Netherlands. The most imported into Amsterdam is our collection of children’s furniture. One of them is a kids rattan bed.

So why are kid’s rattan beds so popular?

As explained above, if your child wants to make his room as well as a place to play. Then the rattan bed is the choice. Because this rattan bed does not take up much space, there is more space in your child’s room to play. In addition, rattan children’s beds also have a beautiful and unique shape. Add a boho or modern atmosphere. You can combine it with white wall paint, or you can draw a natural atmosphere on the walls of your child’s room. In addition, rattan can give a warm impression, if it is winter in Amsterdam.

What are the most popular collections of children’s beds in Amsterdam?

Here are models and designs that are being sought after rattan kids bed in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The hallmark of a rattan bed is the beauty of its curves, which is rarely found on beds of other material models. Rattan is a flexible material, so it can be made in various design models. You can also combine it with a choice of rattan headboard models as well.

Rattan Kids Bed Amsterdam

How about it, after seeing our collections that are trending in Amsterdam, are you also interested in importing them too? In addition to children’s beds, of course we also have a large selection of adult beds made of rattan and natural fiber and wood. You can also combine it with a wide selection of rattan headboards from us.