Supplier Wicker Basketry United States

Wicker Basketry Supplier United States

Basket is a multifunctional item. It can be used as a home decor, for storing goods, a place for placing plant pots, for placing laundry, and many other functions. As one of the supplier wicker basketry for the United States, of course we have a large collection of basketball products. Of various shapes, sizes, materials and various functions.

Basket Shape

When viewed in terms of shape, basket is divided into several types:

Round Basket

Round basketball is people’s favorite basket . Usually used to store small items, blankets, magazines or can be used to place plant pots.

Square Basket

Square basket is usually used as a drawer cabinet. It can also be used to store books or magazines, so that they are more organized.

Basket with character shape

Abstract Chick Figurine Rattan Accessories
Abstract Chick Figurine Rattan Accessories

Usually in the form of animal characters. This basket is usually used as a home decor.

Basket by material

When viewed from the material, there are several kinds of basketball

Bamboo basket

This basket is made of woven bamboo. Bamboo is split into thin, whose surface has been smoothed. This basket is usually woven by hand. Currently, bamboo baskets have various shapes and designs.

Abaca Basket

Abaca is banana fronds that have been dried and milled so they can be used to make crafts and furniture. Including the materials used to make baskets. To make baskets from banana fronds, rattan is usually combined. The goal is to be stronger and durable.

Rattan basket

rattan basket is the basket that we most often encounter. This basket is a favorite because of its various designs. Besides that, rattan baskets were also chosen because of their stronger construction.

Water hyacinth basket

Water hyacinth baskets are baskets made of natural fiber, which are woven. Water hyacinth baskets are no less trendy than rattan baskets.

Those are several types of basketball that you can function in your home according to your needs. As a supplier of wicker basketry for United States, we always provide good quality. If you are interested in buying our collection of rattan baskets with wholesalers, we will give you a special offer. Immediately contact our marketing to get the latest catalog and the latest price list.

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