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Bondia rattan side table

Lately, rattan furniture is a trend in the United States. One of the items that some of our buyers from the United States have asked about is a rattan table. Currently there are lots of rattan tables that have beautiful designs. Not always vintage or traditional in style, many rattan tables are designed in a modern style. Lots of models and sizes. We, one of the supplier of rattan tables for the United States, have many models of rattan tables.

Various rattan tables

Our rattan table models are classified into several categories :

Rattan table for dining

The rattan dining table is quite popular with the United States. Because it has a unique and beautiful design. The rattan dining table has its own characteristics. Rattan tables for eating are usually combined with wood or iron as a frame, to make them stronger. In addition, it is combined with the glass above, so that it is easier to clean. There are various forms of rattan dining tables, namely round rattan dining tables, square dining tables and rectangular rattan dining tables. Combine rattan dining tables with wicker dining chairs or wooden dining chairs. If you have a dining room with a minimalist size, mix it with rattan chairs or wooden benches.

Round rattan dining table

Rectangular rattan dining table

Square rattan dining table

Rattan coffee table

Rattan coffee tables currently have many designs. Americans today prefer rattan coffee tables that are rectangular and round. They prefer rattan coffee tables because their shape is more natural and minimalist. The natural color can be combined with any design concept.

Round rattan coffee table

Rectangular rattan coffee table

Square rattan coffee table

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Rattan side table

For some people a side table is no less important than a coffee table. A rattan side table can add beauty to your room. This table not only beautifies your room, but has the function of placing magazines, for placing pots or you can use it as a nightstand in your bedroom. This rattan side table has a dual function, that is, apart from being used as a table, it can also function as a stool. Americans love rattan side tables because they come in so many designs. The popular side table is a round shape.

Round rattan side table

Rectangular rattan side table

Square rattan side table

Rattan table for children

Not only children’s rattan chairs, children’s rattan tables also come with beautiful designs and colors. This children’s rattan table is in great demand by parents in the United States because of its minimalist shape and light construction, so it is safe for children. This children’s rattan table can be used for children’s learning and play. Combine with a child’s rattan chair to beautify your child’s room.

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Those are some kinds of rattan tables that you can use as a reference for decorating your home. Apart from that, as a supplier of rattan tables for America, we still have a large collection of rattan tables. By using high quality materials, our rattan tables are guaranteed to be strong and durable for a long time. Therefore, for those of you who are furniture retailers from America, we have attractive offers for you.

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